Potty Training Underwear for Toddlers

Your product choice can make potty training happen! Save $100 a month

It is a fact that small children and even adults learn much faster with visuals. Potty pony pals is using visuals to bridge the communication gap between parent and toddler and end the frustration of potty training.

Why use Potty Pony Pals? Never before has anyone used the INSIDE of the toddler training pants to communicate ” Keep me dry”. We have! And great results are happening!

Potty Pony Pals are the ultimate in toilet training underwear. With Potty Pony Pals, your children get the confidence they need to become “big boys” and “big girls”. How? Well, we would love to take credit for keeping your little ones from having accidents, however the secret in these clever kids underpants is in reinforcing a sense of responsibility kids feel in keeping Potty pony from getting wet.

In addition to your Potty Pony underwear, you will also receive a DVD that is sure to be a hit! The DVD explains who Potty Pony is and why it’s so super important to keep Potty Pony dry.

Potty Pony Pals

What makes it special? By combining the image of Potty pony sleeping on the inside of the 100% organic cotton training underwear with a 10 minute animated DVD telling the story of Potty pony and how he likes to stay dry we have created a high tech learning environment to teach your toddler positively to succeed.

How do I do it? Order your kit which contains one pair (extra pair can also be purchased), of 100% organic cotton , Made in the USA, potty training underwear. Inside the underwear in the area where wetness would occur is an image of Potty Pony sleeping. This is printed with water base, low impact dye like you would find on Tagless t-shirts. On the outside are polka dots resembling Potty Pony’s spots. You will find our potty training DVD inside, when opening the package show your excitement and pop in the potty training DVD when you know you have a day to spend using the potty. After your toddler has listened to our song and watched Potty Pony and his pals He or She will know exactly what to do!! Hand them their Toddie dots ( underwear, you can also just call them dots) and tell them to find Potty Pony sleeping and put them on to keep him dry!!

By building a friendship between your child and Potty Pony these toddler potty training underpants successfully help your child complete their potty training.

POTTY TRAINING MAGIC! The one and only Potty Pony Pals all new potty training underwear are FINALLY HERE!! Proudly manufactured in the USA from 100% Organic cotton. Using low impact dyes and unbleached organic cotton.  We make it fun and simple to introduce hassle free potty training.  When you see your child looks ready it is time to introduce the new Potty Pony Pals MAGIC.  Open your new potty trainer kit and get ready for a successful potty training adventure.

With these new specially designed potty training underwear your toddler will love it!  By placing positive graphics , we call graphic shield™,  on the inside of the garment it gives the child the opportunity to “watch over” their new potty underwear and keep them dry!  This kit is designed to make potty training hassle free!  We are offering free shipping for a limited time.  This kit makes a great gift idea also.  Get the video camera out and prepare to have some fun potty training!!!