Potty Training Help Created with You in Mind!

For decades parents have asked for real potty training help that could not only keep their children from having accidents, but that would also ease the frustration experienced by both children and parents during the potty training process.

How do these children’s potty training underpants work?  Potty Pony Pal uses the unique friendship between your child and Potty Pony to avoid accidents. Our potty training method has been shown to work time and time again to keep your child’s underpants dry.

Our potty training method has been shown to work on those just starting in the potty training process as well as with those youngsters (and the parents) that have become frustrated with the potty training process. Give Potty Pony’s children’s underpants the opportunity to help your child learn how to listen to their body and keep Potty Pony dry.

We make it fun and simple: Choose the right time to introduce the potty. When you see your child has interest and looks ready it is time to introduce the new Potty Pony Pals underwear.  Open your new Potty Kit with fun and excitement.

Point out all the fun characters with special attention to Potty Pony. Make sure you explain these are new Potty Pants and they will help you to remember potty time. Placing positive graphics on the inside of the garment gives the child the opportunity to “watch over” their new potty underwear and keep them dry!

More than just child’s underpants, our potty training kit includes:

  • One (1) pair of Potty Pal toilet training underwear
  • One (1) DVD for your child introducing him or her to Potty Pony and letting them know why it’s so important to keep Potty Pal dry

These 100% organic cotton training pants are washable and made to last.  Using low impact dyes and unbleached organic cotton, we have paid close attention to our environmental responsibilities.

Additional training pants can easily be added to your order and we invite you to purchase extra pairs for the sitter’s house or to give to other potty training friends.

You’ll also want to check out our website for even more Potty Pony games and experiences to help your child keep Potty Pony in mind whenever they’ve “gotta go”.

We welcome you to the world of Potty Pony and to the road of potty training success. We invite you to contact us at 610-888-6613 or use our website to submit comments, testimonials, or questions or to place an order.

Thank you again for your visit and for checking out the best solution in toilet training underwear.