Facts With Potty Pony Pals

A research study conducted by Joel Levin posted on the website (eric) Educational Resources Informational Center (document #101318) States clearly children learn better when the material is presented in pictures. There have been many other studies to support visual learning among children.

7 Reasons for Potty Training

  1. Save more than $100 per month!
  2. Going to the store without diaper bag.
  3. Readiness for daycare/kindergarten
  4. Ready for sleep overs and babysitting
  5. No stinky diaper trash cans!
  6. Reduces your toxic footprint
  7. Healthier for your toddlers skin to be free of the diaper

Some of the signs of potty readiness:

  • Your toddler is walking to the potty and undressing
  • They recognize the feeling of needing to go potty
  • Play time will stop while they use their diaper
  • Talks about the potty
  • Wants to use or see the potty at the store
  • Does the “potty dance”, which means during the sensation of going in the diaper they will do a little dance
  • Stays dry during naps and overnight

Facts: Girls complete potty training at a younger age than boys and generally start earlier. But the time spent training boys and girls does not change in most cases. 80% of boys and girls are potty trained completely by 3 1/2 years of age. When is your toddler ready?

Potty training is not always the easiest of tasks but is an important part of your child’s life. With Potty Pony Pals, we aim to make potty training fun for both you and your child with our potty training DVD videos. Our fun potty training DVD is intended to catch and keep your child’s attention and make the learning process an enjoyable one.

During the potty training process, it is not uncommon for children to lose focus, which tends to lead to less than pleasant results. With Potty Pony Pals, we look to engage with your child with our fun Potty Pony characters, giving them actual objects to associate with the toilet. Our fun potty training video takes that a step further by bringing those characters to life, engaging your child even further. Our fun potty training method is proven successful and has been featured on ABC News. Check out our testimonials section for information from our satisfied customers.

When looking for potty training alternatives, look no further than Potty Pony Pals! Spend less time and money with our proven successful potty training method including our fun potty training videos. After trying and succeeding with Potty Pony Pals, you will wonder how you ever gotten by without it.

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We look forward to making the potty training experience an enjoyable one!