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When you see your child has interest and looks ready it is time to introduce the new Potty Pony Pals™ underwear.  Why buy Potty Pony Pals toilet training kit?

Not only does Potty Pony Pals make toilet training fun and easy, we offer an eco-friendly alternative to potty training underwear! Create a positive experience with your toddler when potty training using the unique specially designed, organic cotton toilet training briefs made for boys and girls. One size of these organic cotton potty training underwear fits all and they are unisex.

In this day in age, people are doing all they can to help preserve our earth by recycling, cutting down on energy use and turning to eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products. Potty training is now eco-friendly! Potty Pony Pals offers organic, eco-friendly cotton training underwear that both you and your child can enjoy. Feel better about potty training with Potty Pony Pals toilet training kit.

Your toddler will want to watch the Potty Pony Pals DVD over and over again and wear the organic cotton underwear. Organic cotton potty pants are a green, cost effective method of potty training. When compared to traditional potty training methods, the money you can save on diapers will pay for the Potty Pony Pals toilet training kit over and over again.

Organic cloth training pants are not only a cost effective alternative to traditional potty training methods but are much better for our earth. Our reusable eco-friendly training underpants and our potty training DVDs will make toilet training fun for you and your child. Don’t waste any more time or money on your potty training efforts; let Potty Pony Pals do the dirty work! Your toddler will want to watch the Potty Pony Pals DVD over and over again and wear the organic cotton underwear.

Potty Pony Pals toilet training method makes your life easier and your wallet fatter by not being constantly drained when purchasing countless packages of diapers and wipes. Just think, you will save about $300.00 dollars per month if your toddler was potty trained right now! Pony Pals was also the recipient of the 2010 Top Choice Award by Creative Magazine.

Potty Pony Pals toilet training briefs and DVD are proudly made in the USA.  We are a green company, our packaging is a reusable organza bag and made of recycled cardstock. Feel free to browse our site for more information on our product. Have questions about our organic cloth training pants? Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, 610-888-6613.

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